Family Gaesslers
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Hello alltogether, this page includes a lot of interesting thoughts (Gedanken) about a family in the Remsvalley near "Stuagard".
My wife always said: " Oh its so beautiful here", and believe me its true.
Look at the picture. Isn't it ?

We are living in Korb, its between Waiblingen an Winnenden, famous for his vines "Viertele" and honey. (Look at Besa Link - left = links).

My wife and me are together not so old,between 50 and 100.
Our childrens are much more younger, they are between 10 and 20.
We are living together on some square meters (Häusle) with a beautiful view on the part of the Korber Head.

Informations about Korb
  1. They have found some bones e.g. out of the old stonehenge
  2. First mentioned in litrature at 1270
  3. Habitants: 8.372 (June,1992)

Some hobbies of us

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